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welcome !

I am Serge Morev - graphic designer and photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. My design studio was founded at 1998. I'm making creative design, advertising, photography, websites, 3D graphic, flash animation and any other design and ad things.

The ideal job looks like this sample: you just call the goal, for example - increasing sales of your land on the Moon :) More information not needed. I'll thinking about the steps suggest that decision - photography, ads, billboards, slogans, context advertising in the web and so on. Travel to the Moon paid extra :)

Other orders - creating a masterpiece for publication in the magazine, unique catalogue design, or incredibly attractive package layout - also accepted :)

I'm working with the clients from a several counties: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Englans, Switzerland. They're have a different type of business - computers, travel, banks, trade, others.
Welcome to cooperation !

Inegral Memory, bigboards and promo stand Singer Oksana Bilozir, bigboards Bag and the calendar, Prime Bank Singer Garik Krichevskiy, photo